OCTOBER 9, 2014

Guest Speaker: Melanie Szlucha
Heightening Awareness through Improv Skills




Heightening Awareness through Improv Skills


An emerging trend in leadership communication training incorporates skill-building exercises from improvisational comedy. This demonstration will give you a taste of how these exercises can improve the teambuilding, active listening and effective communication skills of your group.


This presentation, featuring improvisational comedy techniques, will include series of activities which build and strengthen your ability to listen closely to a conversation and notice facial expressions or actions that someone else may miss. You will also learn to trust your instincts and think quickly on your feet. This course is very interactive, so come prepared to participate.




Throughout her life, Melanie Szlucha's heard "hey, you're pretty funny," but it wasn't until she became a founding member of the Stamford, CT-based group World Class Indifference that she had the chance to put that to the test.


Now 9 years later, and owner of Redinc, LLC, business coaching job seekers, she integrates the communication, listening, and mental flexibility aspects of improv into presentations to help candidates become better at interviewing and networking. She has taught improv skills at Duke University and to hundreds of executives throughout the New York City area.



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