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Each chapter of the Guide addresses a specific issue or topic that can be translated into elements of a successful Workplace Violence Prevention Program. In order to facilitate implementation or enhance/audit your program, the Guide also includes numerous implementation checklists, reference documents from agencies and case studies, response protocols, model codes, sample reporting forms, and professional organizations.


Overview of Issues:

· Assessing the preparedness of your workplace

· Assessing your risks and your liability

· Creating a Workplace Violence Prevention Program

· Step-by-step guidance on incorporating violence prevention into workplace routines

· Training your employees

· Handling layoffs, downsizing, and performance problems

· Evaluating premises security

· Responding to violent events

· Dealing with special issues: domestic violence, sabotage, mailroom security, terrorism, bomb threats

· Fine-tuning for specific sectors: schools, campuses, retail outlets, healthcare facilities


Thanks to Specialty Technical Publishers for the images and descriptions

Workplace Violence Protection:
A Practical Guide
Contributing Editor: Jon F. Elliott, J.D.

The Chapter library also includes a detailed comprehensive publication on prevention of workplace violence published by Specialty Technical Publishers. 


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