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Books for the PSP Exam

The Design and Evaluation of Physical Protection Systems

Mary Lynn Garcia

This work incorporates principles of science and engineering blended with electronics technology, criminal justice, and business. Contents: Design and evaluation of physical protections systems; Facility characterization; Threat definition; Target identification; Physical protection system design; Exterior intrusion sensors; Interior intrusion sensors; Alarm assessment; Alarm communication and display; Entry control; Access delay; Response; Analysis and evaluation; EASI computer model for analysis; Risk assessment. The emphasis in this book is the process, not the many specific details that exist to help solve protection problems.  313 pp. 2001

Effective Physical Security, 2nd Edition

Lawrence J. Fennelly, CPP

This cutting-edge reference is your key to effective physical security. Designed for easy reference, the text is divided into three major parts: Design, Equipment, and Operations. Inclusive coverage on computer security, access control, environmental design, security surveys, locks, lighting, and CCTV make this an indispensable resource. Reviewed in Security Management, 11/97.  256 pp. 1997

Introduction to Security, 6th Edition

Robert J. Fischer and Gion Green

The sixth edition of this classic publication upholds the book's tradition of informing readers of contemporary security issues, from security equipment and procedures to management and loss prevention theory. This new edition has been updated with the most current information available in the constantly changing security field.   537 pp. 1998

Risk Analysis and the Security Survey, 2nd Edition

James F. Broder, CPP

Make your next survey or audit more than just a fact-finding mission! Learn how to uncover your organization's vulnerabilities, the dangers and threats it faces, and measure the effectiveness of your security program. Sample surveys, questionnaires, and procedural guidelines also are included for reference. This is a "must-have" resource for the security professional studying risk analysis and loss control. It also provides a sobering look at areas being overspent or underserviced.  352 pp. 2000

U.S. Army Physical Security Field Manual, FM 3-19.30 (Excerpted)

Department of the Army

ASIS has excerpted portions of the U.S. Army Physical Security Field Manual, FM 3-19.3 to accommodate those individuals who are studying for the Physical Security Professional (PSP) exam. This field manual is the basic reference for training security personnel. It is intended to be a "one-stop" physical security source for the Department of Defense (DOD), the Department of the Army (DA), and other proponents and agencies of physical security. However, the relevant principles of physical security are true in any application. Prevention and protection are the two primary concerns of physical security. Both serve the security interests of people, equipment, and property. Challenges relative to physical security include the control of populations, information dominance, multinational and interagency connectivity, antiterrorism, and the use of physical-security assets as a versatile force multiplier. The Field Manual addresses these concerns.  300 pp. 


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